SKATKA (Rainar Aasrand y Mikk Madison | Official Office

State of a Cloud
by SKATKA (Rainar Aasrand and Mikk Madison (Estonia)
Selected by Konstanet for Official Office

State of Cloud is ...
... a state that regained independence in 1991 as the Soviet Union was collapsing
... a state that now brands itself as an e-country
... a state of e-elections, mobile parking & ID cards
... a state with free flowing wi-fi everywhere
... a state hosting the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Exellence
... a state with a secret IT army of guys with ponytails
... a state in which everyone tells the mythical stories of how Skype was invented there
... a state in which a Minister resigns because of his Facebook status
... a state whose President addresses a nation and then takes another selfie
... a state whose President @IlvesToomas has a Twitter feud with the economist Paul Krugman, which then gets written into an opera
... a state whose President @IlvesToomas angrily takes on the Guardian after they feature Estonia in their New East segment exploring the former Eastern Europe
... a state in which the events of 1991 – the Singing Revolution – are considered one of the pillars of Estonian national identity
... a state whose people pride themselves in being a ‘singing nation’
... a state in which the local version of Your Face Sounds Familiar attracts over 300 000 viewers (around a quarter of the country’s population) and features blackface and local celebrities in drag
... a state in which little over a half of the population was against recognising gender neutral cohabitation, which would also recognise same sex unions
... a state in which Estonian emigrés were only recently labelled ‘refugees of comfort’ by a former Minister of Education and Culture
... a state like any other state
... a state like any other state of mind
... a state like any other state of cloud

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