THE GAME, Una película de Danilo Correale.

31 / Jul / 15

The Game

A film by Danlo Correale (SOMA SUMMER 2014)

Friday july the 31st at 19.30

Movie + Home made pizza + Popcorn + Beer and mezcal

Post-movie debate with the author

Isabel la Católica 144, second floor.


Danilo Correale (SOMA SUMMER 2014) is an italian artirst-researcher who lives and works in Napoli and New York. His work analyzes the power structures in economics that live behind the fundamental aspects of day to day life (rest, work, leisure)


The Game is a colaborative project that envelops hundreds of workers from three italian factories. For three months, each group generated certain dynamics set to transform the power hyerarchies in cooperative and self-management instances. During this time, they experimented with new dialictical structures inspired by the situationists through a three-band soccer game, as suggested by Asger Jorn as a metaphoric critique during the classic bipolar standards of cold war times.


This film documents the experience gained during this period. It shows the colaborative experiences, the analysis, results and appropriation of the leading roles in the final event.





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